The sap

Because knowledge requires men.

MARKSENS sports a conquering philosophy. A company that creates its trade project after project to develop value, all the while providing companies with commercial success. A company that embodies the new opportunities locally and internationally. But especially, a company that forges strong bonds with clients and overcomes their problems through an unwavering and flawless commitment, an unswerving and communicative courage.

This is the culture we connect to. We continuously are seeking better performances and the most significant results in the shortest period of time. We are thinking in terms of the key moments rather than frantic races, levers rather than trades, market conquest rather than conquered markets. Simply, we are thinking about the future.

MARKSENS aspires to be the bearer of the possibilities. Our job is not to invent the products or the services, rather it is knowing how to sell them in every market. It means a complete understanding of the rules or reinventing them. It is important for our current and future customers, to know that they can count on the people with the ability to overcome their daily problems. To be assured that they can rely on human resources to break free from inertia. To be confident that they have a partner with whom they can build, brick after brick, a shared success. Finally, to be certain that they can count on the company that goes beyond the economic borders and does not put a limit on their men nor their commitment.

Since its creation, MARKSENS has been gaining the trust of the new customers every day, through the ideas it brings, the achievements it reaches and the successes it produces. Thus, it is with the pride that I address our employees and partners, whose actions support the future of the business model that grows daily and express my gratitude. The freedom to act, to initiate, to decide and to grow, comes from independence. This is the value that has built our foundations, guided our actions, and paved our way.

Jean-Marc Ambroise
— President of MARKSENS

The roots

Because everything has a beginning.

Usually the underground parts from the vascular plants. Although invisible, they are the source of everything and the guiding force of the whole structure.
« Rooted in Excellence »
MARKSENS was born of an unprecedented economic environment. Its founder and president, Jean Marc Ambroise claims that there are two things that lead to success : common sense and certain empathy, meaning an understanding of customers’ issues; and the rest will follow. His fundamental principles are methodology, rigor, hard work, explicit intuition, strong belief in the activity, the products and the services provided by his clients, but also being truly supportive for a greater impact.

It is a proven expertise that has been built over twenty years, amongst startups as well as major international groups, which now allows him to create a viable alternative to conventional trading. According to him, sales people are apart and require clear guidance and specific goals to get the best of them.

MARKSENS’ strength lies in the fact that its Lead Managers do not represent a single business, but several, and meet with different breeds of decision-makers. They can sell IT, BI, industry, services, and thus, ascertaining that "It is not enough to have a good mind; the most important thing is to use it well." It is important to prevent businesses from reaching boredom and to provide them with resources to offer the new challenges, thus ensuring a rapid rise in the skills and providing a certain commercial culture and the automatism that businesses often lack. This revelation was the inception for MARKSENS. It also led MARKSENS to act as a reliable stand in the sales functions, allowing more flexible solutions, focusing each action on its results and getting rid of certain fixed costs. Because the quality of the leads depends primarily on the quality of the people who process them, and the relationship that will, in turn, transform them. Simply, because one must be good at the right moment.
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