The fruits

Because our potential is at your service.


The sap

Because our expertise is at your service.

Eatable liquid secreted by certain fruits,
it is the most essential and substantial aspect of the organism.
« To extract the juice out of something »
Veolia environnement
« For more than two years, MARKSENS has been accompanying our teams to train them to the tools they have developed and implemented: It was an opportunity for us to work with people driven by an engaging professionalism. Their competence, their constant availability and high reactivity are being used in all our activities: Community, industry and tertiary. Our collaborators have thoroughly enjoyed the follow up to the commercial actions provided by MARKSENS. They profited from a real discussion and exchange of opinions that promoted the results that we can observe today. The quality of the commercial tools instituted and the follow through, have brought us to call upon MARKSENS to commercialize some of our products and services through their Lead Managers. »
Jérôme NATTA
Sales Director
Application Robotics
« MARKSENS proved to be a decisive partner in developing our startup on a commercial level. Applied Robotics does not fit into an easy to identify market. So, we trusted them with bringing interesting business opportunities. The results are clear, in a short amount of time, MARKSENS did what we could not in several years, to the point that we now plan on developing new projects with their support. »
« In a process of reflection with my company, VARIAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS, determined to improving customer satisfaction, I sought MARKSENS’ expertise to achieve for SECURITY PRODUCTS AND INSPECTION an audit of the business functions Service. I am very satisfied with the work they accomplished and impressed with how they were able to comprehend our specific problems, and were also able to decipher our concerns and anticipate our needs while remaining very pragmatic. The recommended areas for improvement have caught our attention and have offered us new opportunities for development and growth. We have decided to continue our collaboration with MARKSENS over the long term to implement the solutions they proposed. Their availability, flexibility, professionalism seduced us, the humanity, passion and the energy of their leader conquered us. »
Customer Service Director for the industrial activity
Chauvin Arnoux Group
« Despite our position as one of Europe's leading measurement solutions, we needed an external support to back us up on a new market. MARKSENS has modeled our business approach to position itself on the market: they accompanied our thought-process, were able to identify and prioritize the actions, and deploy their resources. Their business support was as effective as it was competent. Initial commitments were upheld and the results are evident: we are ideally positioned in this market. »
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